Kenneth A. Randall

Ken Randall is the owner of Ken Randall Homes, LLC a home building company active in Portland and Hood River.  Ken has over forty years of experience in the industry, knowledge that is built into every house.


Ken took his initial interest as a grade schooler when he insisted on working summers picking up blocks and sweeping out units on his father’s construction sites. Moving on, he built his first 2 houses in high school.


Later he took a formal role in his father’s fully integrated development company, where he built a solid base of skills in all facets from land acquisition to approval processing, construction, and asset management. This culminated in his leading the development of 1,136 apartment homes as Project Manager for the Southern California region.


In 1992 he started Ken Randall Homes as his own venture and has ever since fully enjoyed the process of taking a piece of land and turning it into someone’s treasured home. This is why in every home you will find energy efficient furnaces, locally produced materials where possible, and construction methods that are mindful of our environmental footprint.


Ken and his team are committed to supporting their customers throughout their home buying experience.